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ShareOnePC is a desktop virtualization hardware and software provider. We are who you need for your desktop infrastructures and PC expansions with factors in mind such as lowering overhead expenditures without compromising the efficiency and power of the PC and going green.ShareOnePC has been founded on RVE Software Developmentbs, our creator, mission b to make business processes simpler, easier and more affordable.

ShareOnePC has a carefully selected line of products made available to go hand in hand with the software. The products as well as the service promises to meet and satisfy each and every clientbs needs and requirements, even their woes and whims.

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L300: End-to-End Desktop Virtualization Solution


  • Breakthrough price / performance

  • Includes powerful vSpace software enabling as many as 100 users
    per host or virtual machine

  • Powerful but simple management b configure 10 or 10,000 virtual desktops in minutes



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